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Outdoor Rated Fabrics & Vinyl

Are you looking for top-quality outdoor fabric and vinyl products for your next project? Look no further than our premium line of outdoor fabrics and vinyls! Our selection is perfect for a wide range of applications, from outdoor furniture and awnings to boat covers and patio umbrellas.

Our outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, incorporating UV-resistant materials that hold up against fading and deterioration caused by the sun’s rays. Our vinyl products are also highly durable and versatile, making them the ideal choice for any outdoor project.

Not only do our products perform well in outdoor environments, they also come in a variety of stylish colors and patterns, so you can choose the perfect design to match your personal style and decor. And with easy care and cleaning, our outdoor fabrics and vinyls make it easy to maintain your outdoor living space year-round.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means that you can rely on our outdoor fabric and vinyl products for long-lasting performance and beauty. So whether you’re an avid DIYer or a professional contractor, choose our premium line of outdoor fabrics and vinyls for a top-quality, lasting solution to all your outdoor needs.

Invest in the best for your outdoor projects – choose our high-quality outdoor fabric and vinyl products today!

In-Stock Fabrics

New Mexico Fabrics & Foam Albuquerque warehouse always has a wide variety of fabrics on site.  We can also custom order fabrics, including leather and higher-end materials for your project.

Foam for Your Project

New Mexico Fabric & Foam staff can help you with your outdoor upholstery project, including foam cut to size.  Contact us if you need this service!

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