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Fabric Tools & Accessories

Our accessories and tools offer everything you need to create beautiful fabric and vinyl projects. With a range of products to choose from, our selection includes top-quality tools for cutting, measuring, and marking fabrics and vinyls. Our rotary cutters and straight edge rulers will help you achieve perfect cuts every time, while our fabric and vinyl adhesive will hold everything in place for seamless stitching.

But we don’t just offer practical tools – we also have a wide variety of accessories to personalize your projects. From appliques and patches to ribbons and buttons, you can add unique touches to every piece you create. We even offer fabric dye and paint to further customize your fabrics.

Our products are designed with both beginners and experienced creators in mind. Our user-friendly tools make it easy to measure and cut accurately, while our accessories allow you to let your creativity run wild. With our high-quality products, you’ll be able to produce professional-level projects every time.

Whether you are an avid sewer, quilter, or just starting out, our accessories and tools for fabric and vinyls are sure to meet your needs. With our affordable prices and wide range of selection, why shop anywhere else? Invest in quality tools and accessories, and start creating beautiful projects today.

In-Stock Fabric Tools

New Mexico Fabrics & Foam Albuquerque warehouse always has a wide variety of tools, buttons and trim on site.  We can also custom order fabrics, including leather and higher-end materials for your project.

Foam for Your Project

New Mexico Fabric & Foam staff can help you with your boating or marine project, including foam cut to size.  Contact us if you need this service!

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