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Warm & Cozy Slip Covers DIY

Have furniture that only fits your warmer seasons? Don’t Have a second set of furniture to cozy up in for the colder days? Well, let us slip into this project together and warm up this season.

Slipcovers are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. You can make your own convincing multiple-piece sofa slipcover from large pieces of fabric without having to sew a stitch. The most common material in today’s homes is leather and you can soften them up with some material, cover-up after a few cuts, or just follow these steps to customize your covers. #enjoy

Step 1

Determine how much fabric you will need for each sofa cushion. Remove the cushions and measure all the way around the length and width of the cushions, adding at least 4 inches to each measurement. Cut the cushion fabric in these measurements.

Step 2

Determine how much fabric you will need for the rest of the sofa. Measure from the floor to the seat, the seat itself, the seat to the top, and the top to the floor at the back. Add these measurements to get the length you will need. For the width, measure from the floor up over the armrest, from the armrest across the seat, and up over the other armrest to the floor. If you are working with fabric that frays, add 2 inches to each measurement for the hems.

Step 3

Cut your fabric to size. If you have added to the hems, at this stage, fold each hem under 1 inch and iron it flat, then apply the no-sew adhesive to the hem and turn it under another inch. Press the hems, fusing the fabric together.

Step 4

Drape the fabric over the main part of the sofa, without the cushions. Adjust the fabric so that it falls evenly at floor level all around the chair, then press the fabric into the crevices at the armrests and sofa back, adjusting as you go. Smooth out the fabric over the seat and armrests. In each crevice, pin the fabric in place with safety pins, until the fabric is secured to the sofa.

Step 5

Attach the fabric to the sofa under the armrests with upholstery pins, out of sight. If necessary, hide these pins with accessories like fabric ribbons, ties, and buttons.

Step 6

Place the cushion fabric face-down on a surface, and put the cushion face-down on top of it. Fold the side lengths over the cushion bottom until they meet or overlap in the middle, then fold the top and bottom lengths over this layer. Secure the fabric at the ends with large safety pins or T-pins, pushing the pins through all the layers of fabric. Place the cushions onto the sofa, hiding the pins.


If you would like to make your slipcover in a single piece, rather than covering your cushions, leave the cushions on the sofa and factor them into your measurements, then add some extra to the width and length. When you drape the fabric over the sofa, tuck it into the cushion crevices like you would while making a bed.

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