Stratosphere Neo




Stratosphere Neo specs


Weight 27 ± 10% OZ/YD LIN.
Width 54 inch
Roll Length 30 yd
Composition PVC
Gauge 45 ± 10% Mils


Description Hi-Loft®
Weight 5.7 OZ/YD LIN. – ASTM D751

Flame Retardancy

NFPA 260 – Cover Fabric – Class I
UFAC Fabric – Class I
CAL TB 117-2013

This term and any corresponding data refer to the typical performance in the specific tests indicated and should not be construed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under actual fire conditions.

Other Attributes

Anti Static
Sulfide Stain Resistance
Water Resistant
Formaldehyde Free
No Flame Retardants
No Antimicrobials
Stain Resistant
IPA Cleanable (10%)
Bleach Cleanable (1:9)
AB 2998 Compliant
No Heavy Metals

Additional Tests

Abrasion Resistant I Test – ASTM D-3389
MÉTODO TABER No appreciable wear
Abrasion Resistant II Test – ASTM D-4157 / CFFA-1a
WYZENBEEK 100,000 cycles No appreciable wear
UV stability Test
Xenotest AATCC TM 16-3 / NTC 1479 / CFFA-2 a1 – Blue Wool Cal≥7 1,000 Hours = Passes
Cold Crack Test
CFFA-6a -20 °F

Terms and conditions of this product

Our products, when tested with suitable component materials, may comply with California Technical Bulletin 133 and Boston Fire Code (test BFD IX-1). Certain clothing and accessory dyes (such as those used on denim jeans) may migrate to lighter colors. This phenomenon is increased by humidity and temperature and is irreversible. Spradling Group Inc. will not assume responsibility for dye transfer caused by external contaminants.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Stratosphere Neo Color

STR 2401 Turquoise, STR 2402 Concrete, STR 2403 Charcoal, STR 2404 Ice Blue, STR 2405 Mystic Blue, STR 2406 Cobalt, STR-2407 Grass, STR-2408 Copper, STR-2409 Pumpkin, STR-2410 Poppy, STR-2411 Bordeaux, STR-2412 Taupe, STR-2413 Moss, STR-2414 Bronze, STR-2415 Espresso