Classic Car Interior 101: Seat Rebuilding

Part I

Before upholstering your car’s seats you need to start with a sturdy seat frame. The most appealing seat covers in existence won’t look good unless the seat’s frame, springs, padding, and adjustment system are in exceptional condition. This article will show how to repair the seat frames and cut your foam padding, getting the seat ready for upholstering. 


Successful repair — whether it be automotive or household, requires attention to detail. Take your time as you disassemble a seat. Lay the components (including the old seat cover) out in the order in which they came off. If possible, keep an unfinished seat, cushion, etc. close to the project to use as a reference. You will forget how some items were assembled. If no matching piece is available, take photos of the disassembly. Take photos anyway, you’ll be glad you did!


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