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7 Steps to Reupholster a Motorcycle Seat

What material is used for motorcycle seats?

All of you ride the bike, either alone or with your loved ones ? and most of you are fond of motorcycles having different styles and types including choppers, cruisers, power cruisers, dirt bikes, and adventure touring bikes. Every bike has its separate class, design, and capacity. Now here, we’re going to discuss motorcycle seat repair and motorcycle upholstery fabric. Riding a bike might be frustrating if its seats are not comfortable. You may feel exhausted after a short ride, therefore it would be better to make cozy bike seats by using different sorts of upholstery tricks, and tips. Moreover, you must learn the selection of perfect motorcycle seat upholstery material to suit your customization requirements. Here it would be better to tell you that riding a bike also has several health benefits. Let’s briefly understand the importance of motorcycle riding-

  • It helps in healthier, knee, and thighs
  • It improves the core strength
  • It increases the insulin sensitivity
  • Calorie burning and neck strengthening are also achievable.
  • Better mental lookout

What material is used for motorcycle seats?

Motorcycle seat upholstery material has its significance and choosing the best one could be a good deal for you. We must know – motorcycle upholstery fabrics that are accessible for motorcycle seats. There are mostly two common types of fabric used, including leather and vinyl. If you’re planning for a short distance around the city, then vinyl can be a good choice. However, leather has its advantages, despite being costlier than vinyl. It offers an aesthetic look and feel. In the context of the care, leather needs much. Whenever you plan to wash your motorcycle you will have to remove the seat and it’s quite difficult to get stains out of leather, however for vinyl it’s just a wipe away. The next big thing you must note down is that it can get soaked and absorb the water. On the other hand, vinyl does not affect water, and it’s safe in the rainy season or underwater treatment means you can leave your seat while washing your bike. The durability of modern leather is unmatched and stays longer compared to vinyl. These can fade up and get cracks earlier than the vinyl. It’s quite good to select the appropriate fabric for your motorcycle seats, apart from these two there are other types of motorcycle upholstery seat materials in the market that will be useful.

Step by Step Guide for Motorcycle Seat Upholstery

You may modify your motorcycle, customize or can reupholster the same by using the appropriate ways. You can make your motorcycle seat which will be liked by you. 

  • Take the present seat off first

Just take out the bolts that help to fix the seat of your motorcycle seat. The fastener will help you to dismantle the same and depends upon the type of motorcycle you are going to customize.

  • Take the side covers off

The next step is to remove the side covers first. While doing the same you must keep bolts and washers in a safe place so they could not be lost.

Take the seat off

After completing the above steps, you can now take the seat off. Here you should take out the mounting bolts, and further you must apply applicable pressure on the lower section of the bike’s seat.

Get your new motorcycle seat

It would be good to know the perfect place for your seat, as the new seat for motorcycles may have different thicknesses. You need to put extra effort while setting up the same.

Outline Creation

It’s one of the most important steps which need too much focus, you should place the cardboard minutely and trace the outline on the cardboard.

Cut Outline

With the help of a wood cutting blade, and jigsaw you may trace the template and cut the outline. First You must learn how to use these tools, otherwise, you can make mistakes.

Add Seat’s Padding

Seat padding is also an important area of work while we’re performing the upholstery task. Here you need to fix the padding to adjust the seat properly. You need glow, proper dimension measures, and must ensure extra pieces outside to hold it in the correct position.

Be Creative To Make it Good

However, it’s good to use duct tape for covering all padding and black tape for the finest look and feel. You can opt for another creative way to make it an effective one such as motorcycle seat repair tape.

Mount the seat

Now it’s time to place the seat onto the bike. Here you must take care of placing it in the right position and set it properly. This is a very important step.